Mohammad Adil Mehmood Ansari
MCS, BCS, ACCP-Pro, Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)

My name is Mohammad Adil. I did my Masters in Computer Science. I am a professional Trainer And Developer in open source and DotNet technologies. I have 8 years experience in Programming Field.
My vision is simple. I want what’s best for my students. I want to provide an environment in which they can feel comfortable while they learn. They need to understand that it is through mistakes and gentle correction that they learn. I want the students to genuinely enjoy classes so that they come to class with a smile on their faces. To achieve this, I employ a number of fun and innovative activities to make sure that the students remain curious as to what is coming next. Overall, my vision is one in which students leave my classes not only feeling that they have improved their English but also that they have grown as people as well.
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