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What is ADO.Net?

•ADO.NET provides a bridge between the front end controls and the back end database.

•ADO.NET is a module of .Net Framework which is used to establish connection between application and data sources.

•Data sources can be such as SQL Server and XML.

•ADO.NET consists of classes that can be used to connect, retrieve, insert and delete data.

•All the ADO.NET classes are located into System.Data.dll and integrated with XML classes located into System.Xml.dll.

•ADO.NET stands for ActiveX Data Object.

•It is a database access technology created by Microsoft as part of its .NET framework that can access any kind of data source.

•It’s a set of object-oriented classes that provides a rich set of data components to create high-performance, reliable and scalable database applications.

•The ADO.NET is one of the Microsoft’s data access technology which is used to communicate between the .NET Application (Console, WCF, WPF, Windows, MVC, Web Form, etc.) and data sources such as SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, XML document, etc

•ADO.NET consists of a set of classes that can be used to connect, retrieve, insert, update and delete data (i.e. performing CRUD operation) from data sources.

•ADO.NET mainly uses System.Data.dll and System.Xml.dll.

What types of Applications use ADO.NET?

•ADO.NET can be used to develop any type of .NET application. The following are some of the .NET applications where you can ADO.NET Data Access Technology to interact with a data source.

•ASP.NET Web Form Applications

•Windows Form Applications

•ASP.NET MVC Application

•Console Applications

•ASP.NET Web API Applications

Components of ADO.NET

•Components are designed for data manipulation and faster data access.

Connection, Command, DataReader, DataAdapter, DataSet, and DataView are the components of ADO.NET that are used to perform database operations.

•ADO.NET has two main components that are used for accessing and manipulating data. They are as follows:

Data provider


What is .NET Data Providers?

•The .Net Application can not directly execute our SQL code, it only understands C#. So, if a .NET application needs to retrieve data or to do some insert, update, and delete operations from or to a database, then the .NET application needs to

Connect to the Database

Prepare an SQL Command

Execute the Command

Retrieve the results and display them in the application

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